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Aircraft Charter - empty legs

Empty Sectors

We regularly update our web site with aircraft capacity that is already under contract to Aircraft Chartering Services

This has several benefits to our existing and prospective clients.

On many of our projects, aircraft are only loaded in one direction. Matching an empty flight sector to your flight requirements may offer a benefit.



Off Station capacity

Where we have aircraft operating 3 or 4 flights over several dates, the opportunity to release capacity from airports where aircraft are not normally available, could offer your flight programme a financial benefit.

Aircraft Charter - empty sectors

We currently have the following empty sectors available:

Date Seats Route Schedule
Nov / Dec Any UK-Lapland AM /PM
Nov / Dec Any Lapland - UK AM / PM
27/05/18 180 London - Milan AM
27/05/18 189 Luxembourg - Porto AM
28/05/18 180 Munich - Brussels PM
28/05/18 140 Paris - Rome AM
09/06/18 140 Munich - Frankfurt PM
19/06/18 340 London - Caribbean AM
20/06/18 140 Edinburgh - London PM
30/06/18 120 Copenhagen - Zurich AM
14/07/18 140 Zurich - Toulouse PM
28/07/18 180 London - Rome PM
30/07/18 189 Madrid - Marseille AM 
02/07/1 140 Paris - Rome AM

Some of the above aircraft are available to deviate off route.

Off station aircraft on hire through us:

Date Seats Available Comments
22/05/18 189 London All Day
23/06/18 FRT Milan 15 tonnes

All empty legs/off station capacity shown are subject to continued availability.

To request further information of any of the empty legs shown, please complete the request form below.

If this charter is of an urgent nature then please call
+44 1293 558065 for immediate assistance!

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Please indicate your organisations activities
Please select
'Other' Details
I/We would like further information about the following empty leg(s)
Please supply any other details/information which might be needed.

If this charter is of an urgent nature then please call +44 1293 558065 for immediate assistance.

Thank you for contacting Aircraft Chartering Services, you will be contacted shortly to discuss your requirements further.

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Last update: 08-May-2018 2:42 PM