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This division of Aircraft Chartering Services was established in 1989 to offer dedicated support to airlines with their various charter requirements.

All of the team have extensive experience in both airline operations and flight dispatch, and recognise and understand the critical factors in such operations.
Inter Airline Chartering offers a total support package designed to get your operation back on schedule with the minimum of delay.


Disruption to schedules is an unavoidable fact for a busy airline. There are occasions when a sub-charter is the only way to effectively maintain the integrity of your schedule.

Delays are expensive; often the most viable economic solution is to sub-charter. We maintain a comprehensive database of aircraft availability which is continually updated so that we are able to respond to your requests immediately.

Personnel Movements

Whenever or wherever you need to move crews, engineers or other personnel, we can advise and arrange charters of light aircraft and executive jets world-wide.


If you need to ship spare parts, anything from a valve to an engine, either planned or at short notice, we will locate and contract the most suitable aircraft.

All of our staff have thorough understanding of the payload limitations and locations of freight aircraft world-wide.

In a moment of crisis, when immediate action is required, contact Inter Airline Chartering by telephone or Em-mail for a fast, tailor-made solution.

The Benefits to You
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year service, total commitment to our customers
  • Our professional staff have extensive experience gained from across the Airline and Airport industry, meaning that you get the benefit of our expert knowledge
  • Extensive aircraft database means we are able to provide rapid indications of cost and suitability for your requirement
  • Our buying power with airlines means that you get the best available deal

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