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Aircraft Charter - Special services
Aircraft Charter - Special Services

The ultimate objective of Aircraft Chartering Services is to ensure that our client's expectations are always met or exceeded. We aim to tailor every aspect of the operation to best fit your specific requirements.

Our experienced flight managers can oversee every stage of the flight from check-in to aircraft arrival. Many of our clients enjoy the added security of having one of our flight managers accompany them throughout their schedule to assist in achieving a smooth and efficient operation throughout.

Aircraft Chartering Services is also an authorised group sales agent for Eurostar, this allows us further flexibility in determining the ideal solution to your needs when requirements involve Paris and Brussels to / from London.

Please feel free to discuss any special requirements you may have with us.

The Benefits to You

  • 24 hour, 365 days a year service, total commitment to our customers
  • Flight security – The knowledge that all passengers are known to you
  • The confidence attached to working with an aviation partner that is financially sound having made a profit annually since established in 1986.
  • Our professional staff have extensive experience gained from across the Airline and Airport industry, meaning that you get the benefit of our expert knowledge
  • Extensive aircraft database means we are able to provide rapid indications of cost and suitability for your requirement
  • Our buying power with airlines means that you get the best available deal
  • Total support, we can oversee the check-in and flight dispatch and can also provide experienced flight managers to travel with you. This ensures that the programme runs smoothly from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on the ground programme of your event.

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