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Aircraft Chartering Services are the specialists in providing air transport for the performing arts. We work on behalf of many of the world’s leading orchestras, dance companies and promoters to provide them with the best advice and the most competitively priced solutions. They rely on Aircraft Chartering Services to ensure that their musicians and instruments are delivered on time, ready to perform and to budget.

Our service does not stop at chartering the right aircraft at the right price. We can organise group check-in, pre-assigned seating and any specific catering requirements. We will ensure that the in-flight service is tailored to your requirements.

Our loadmasters will analyse instrument lists and advise on the most suitable aircraft for your touring requirements, whether it is a single unit capable of carrying passengers and instruments, or separate passenger and freight aircraft. We have seen the consequences of bad advice, indeed we have come to the assistance of several orchestras when instruments have been left sitting on the tarmac. Our extensive experience of instrument carriage means that we simply will not present an unsuitable aircraft.

Our staff regularly travel throughout the world supervising passenger and cargo flight operations, we have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the specific requirements of orchestra travel. There is no more experienced air charter broker serving the performing arts today.

The Benefits to You

  • 24 hour, 365 days a year service, total commitment to our customers
  • Our professional staff have extensive experience gained from across the Airline and Airport industry, meaning that you get the benefit of our expert knowledge
  • Extensive aircraft database means we are able to provide rapid indications of cost and suitability for your requirement
  • Our buying power with airlines means that you get the best available deal
  • Total support, we can oversee the check-in and flight dispatch and can also provide experienced flight managers to travel with you. This ensures that the programme runs smoothly from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on the ground programme of your event.

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