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Aircraft Chartering Service
Aircraft Chartering Service

Aircraft Chartering Services has enjoyed steady and continued growth since its inception in 1986. This has been based on our policy of providing the highest levels of service at competitive prices, to establish and develop successful business partnerships with our clients.

Aircraft Chartering Services now occupies a very favourable and financially secure position within the aircraft charter market. We are long-standing members of the Baltic Air Charter Association, the industry's European trade organisation.

Our policy of employing only industry professionals means that our dedicated team of aircraft brokers are able to negotiate contracts for aircraft of all sizes, from helicopters to business jets to B747's for both passenger and freight requirements. This level of knowledge gained across all sectors of the aviation industry combined with our extensive and continually updated databases means that we are able to offer realistic advice on the best solution to your specific aircraft charter requirements and, more importantly, the likely costs.

Another essential aspect to our business is the successful relationships we have developed with Airlines and Airports across the world. This proves beneficial at every stage of our business from initial contract negotiations through to check-in and post-flight procedures.

After initial discussions as to the viability and potential costs of your proposed charter you will be assigned a flight manager who will then be responsible for advising you and
co-ordinating all your aircraft chartering requirements.
We sincerely believe that we offer the best all round broking service in the business. I hope that you will give Aircraft Chartering Services the opportunity to put this to the test.

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